Danny Baisley

(512) 825-7754

9600 Great Hills Trail #150 Austin, TX 78759

''I grew up in Austin since 1977, and have come to know and love this town. I also grew up in the housing industry in Austin for over 27 years now. I have been in thousands of its homes and driven its streets for decades. I worked in the residential contracting field for 20 years, have held my real estate license for 17 years, and have also had a real estate inspectors license for a few years in the past. These attributes allow me to provide a piece of knowledge and experience that very few if any other real estate agents can. This knowledge and experience give me the ability to work through the most difficult issues that arise during the process of buying or selling a home.


- I can identify potential issues with a house faster and more accurate than most.

- My experience in the contracting field gives me the ability to give good, solid numbers on repairs and/or updates on the fly.

- I can explain inspection reports and all kinds of details of how houses are built and function. This can either ease buyers fears, or help sellers understand why they need to invest in their property before going to market, or during negotiations.

Again, this allows me to give you an accurate assessment of cost vs. benefit for listings, or help price homes that may need work but don t have the resources to do so.

I really do love homes. And the joy, respect, and stability they provide people. Give me an opportunity to make your most important investment decision, a wise and enjoyable one. You won't regret it."

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